The main window of the IDE with an open document. You'll be seeing this most of the time. The side panels are collapsed for extra editing space. The side panels can be opened and closed with a shortcut (which is the Esc key by default).
Workspace with the project browser and script browser opened. The project browser can be used to browse through the files of the currently opened project, open files and rename files. The script browser can be used to quickly browse through code.
Code-completion popping up. Yes, code-completion complete with support for code-templates. Do you keep writing the same for loops over and over again? Just write a code template and save a lot of time!
The search in project dialog can be used to find pieces of text throughout your project with the possibility to use regular expressions. Search results will be displayed in the 'Project Search Results' panel at the bottom of the screen.
The replace in project dialog. When you have done a search in the project, you can check the occurences you want to replace in the bottom panel and click 'Replace in selected files'. Enter the replacement text (with some placeholders if you're using a regex) and voilà!